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  Great Architect is a close knit multi-game community. Community is our first priority, guilds second. If you are not interested in participating in a community environment then this isn't the place for you. The majority of our members are currently active in Elder Scrolls Online, but we have many members who play various games together.  We are a casual community of adults, we play when our lives allow.  The majority of our community ranges in age from mid 20's to 30's. We seek members that are 18+ to maintain a mature environment. We just ask that you respect other players and participate in the community.

  Here on our site you will find a lot of useful information for the games we have a larger presence in.  We want our community to enjoy the games they play and have a good selection of members they can connect with.  If you are new to a game or MMOs don't worry. We are very newbie friendly & don't mind helping players get up to speed.

  We invite you to visit our Live Streams section to see what games some of our members are playing. Be sure to hop into chat with our streamers directly through their Twitch.TV channels! We also have several members with their own Youtube channels. Feel free to visit our forums for more information and tips!  If you would like to become a member of Great Architect visit the recruitment section,  read our Code of Conduct and fill out the registration form!  

  We hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions or comments please let us know!  

Thank you,
~ Great Architect

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